Hi, I am Michèle Ferrière, founder of ZenDen, a practice for personal development and growth in Weert, Holland. I have a Universtiy degree and a post-grad diploma in Education which enabled me to work with many young people both in regular and special education. Eight years ago my career took a side step and I began working as counsellor to adults with mental illness and substance abuse, some of my clients are also intellectually challenged.

On a personal level, I am the blessed mother of two highly sensitive, gifted children who have taught me so much about adjusting expectations, plans and convictions and challenging norms (inluding my own) in education and parenting. For many years I was live-in caregiver to a partner who suffers from severe mental illness. This experience had an enormous impact on my life and that of my children, it formed me and turned me into an experience expert in surviving mental illness.

This experience inspired me, in fact made it necessary to take pause and reassess my life, my dreams and my goals. My journey of rediscovering my inner peace and happiness had begun. My journey led me to registering for a three year diploma in alternative psycho therapy which I will complete in May of this year. Inspired by my own experience I followed a course in specialised coaching which has given me further tools to support care-givers and  help them to find balance in their lives. I have also done courses in Reiki I and II and Sound Healing.

Through Zenden my mission is to use the knowledge, experience and survival tools I have accumulated to accompany and help both children and adults along their journey to personal development and growth. Together we will explore the unique and special person that is you.

Reading, healing, counselling, coaching, Sound Healing and Reiki are the means with which we can achieve this. With insight, awareness and practical tools you will find your personal power and come closer to living the life that you want, freed from the restrictive emotions and convictions that have been holding you back.

As an added bonus I feel grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a more peaceful and loving world…the more people I help to find their inner peace and happiness the more positive energy we release into the world.

My motto is: ‘Happiness and peace are within. Pass it forward!’